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BioBarrier is a new approach to exterior cleaning. Biological action is utilized to eliminate and prevent stains and odors caused by mold and mildew. BioBarrier also contains a proprietary blend of carnauba wax and silicone polymers, which serve as a binding protectant layer, promoting water repellency and thus reduced soil deposition. Further, it contains UV inhibitors to protect painted surfaces from harsh sun rays.

BioBarrier is great for cleaning monuments, statues, and head stones.

BioBarrier can be used as a primary cleaning solution, whereby after several days (sometimes weeks) of contact with the surface, stains and odors begin to disappear. Patience is required with this method as it will take time for results to become apparent. BioBarrier can also be used as a secondary supplement to more traditional cleaning methods by application following cleaning, and then periodically for stain/odor prevention and surface protection. Protection can last from 6 months to 36 months depending on the specific environment and frequency of exposure to water or moisture.

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